The Harry Fame Communications Limited

We see ourselves as an indispensable extension of our client's marketing department - a dependable partner in progress. We are 100% Advertising, Brand Management and Marketing Consultants.

We are continually creating and enhancing opportunities for product success and durable BRAND values! We are guided by the concept that in today’s marketing environment, everything counts. Drive: As best as possible, we serve as an innovative, original, versatile and quality-led organisation whose efforts and outputs will gain acceptance across the globe for several centuries to come and whose work will be an inspiring source of emulation in creativity wherever we are.

Who We Are 6

We possess a never-dying pioneering spirit combined with perseverance and an exaggerated love for perfection; resting only when the task cannot be improved any further. DEPARTMENTS: CREATIVE Copy writing & ideas, Graphic & Illustration, Print Production, Audio-Visual BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT FINANCE & ADMIN RESEARCH & STRATEGY MEDIA Planning & Buying